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Rijdend Militair Roman Candle Missile with Mobile Launcher
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Discussie: Roman Candle Missile with Mobile Launcher

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    Standaard Roman Candle Missile with Mobile Launcher

    Hello my model building friends,
    Here are a few pictures of a model that I build some time ago. It is the Roman Candle air to air multiple warhead missile carrier on a mobile launcher. The prototype, which is entirely a product of my twisted imagination, would have worked like this. Early warning observers would detect and track an incoming bomber formation. As the bombers approached the target area, the halftrack launch vehicle would emerge from shelter, and at the same time a control aircraft would fly over and acquire radio control over the missile. The missile would launch, powered by a solid fuel booster, and when up to sufficient speed to start the pulse jet main engine, the booster would drop off. Under radio control of the guide aircraft, the missile would be steered toward the bomber formation. As the missile neared the bombers, its own radar set would acquire and lock onto the formation, and the guide aircraft would escape. When the missile's radar detected the proper range, rockets stacked end to front in tubes in the missile's fuselage would sequentially fire, sending a storm of destruction into the bombers. The missile itself would continue into the bombers, exploding in their midst. Be very happy that I am a peaceful soul who was not yet born when this device would have been created.
    The model is based on three kits, a Matchbox 1/72 Blohm und Voss BV141, an Italeri 1/35 Panzer I, and the catapult from a Hasegawa 1/72 Kawanishi Alf. The rest was supplied from the parts farm or scratchbuilt.
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    Would have been pretty pain the a** for the allied formations. Nice model.

    Welcome to the forum, maybe you could write also an introduction about yourself and, where you are from (because we're not yet used reading English on this forum)
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    Hi Nortley,

    This is an exclusive model..... not very common it seems to me.
    Very nice indeed!

    I moved this topic to the show-your-finished-model-here-part because it isn't build on this forum.


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    Hi Nortley,

    That's a very nice "what-if" project Great looking model and a very convincing story behind it.
    Hope to see more of your work. Maybe you can post a build log ?

    Feel free to introduce yourself in this topic : http://www.modelbouwen.be/even-voorstellen/

    If you have difficulties with the flemish / dutch texts in our forum, just yell, and we"ll give you a hand
    We"ll do our best to translate them for you, but I'm afraid that it will sound a lot like this :

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    scary mate
    what iff your project has slipped in site my brain
    long before i had seen yours
    iff whe would have been sientists in those days.............

    greets the head sponsor scotty
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    Hello Nortley,

    Welcome on this forum.

    Waaw, nice intro you've made
    I realy like the model. Very detailed. (small size )
    And a nice background story...

    Hope to see more of your work.


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    Bijna Goddelijke forum Lid GUnit's schermafbeelding


    Stunning work ! Good paint job too, I like this for sure ! GUnit.

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    Indeed, agree with the guy's here, it's a nice build you have.

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    What I forgot to mention... the design is completely in the line of what the german scientists designed in what we now call "Luft 46" (Luft '46 - WWII German aircraft projects)
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    Hi Nortley,

    This is a very nice imaginary project you've build. In addition to the different scale, I think it's also a very well found idea. I'm furthermore very curious if you can show us more of you're buildingskills? Because I enjoy this kind of work.


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    Thank you all for your interest and kind remarks on this model. Unfortunately, I do not have any build photos. I've been intrigued by the luft '46 idea before it had a name, at least as a kid in school you could tell how bored I was in class was by the number of airplanes I drew. There were a number of other very interesting projects by other nations as well, I particularly like some of the engines that the USA was working on before jets displaced the piston aero engine.

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